Fly High with SireCharlieMacFly

SireCharlieMacFly Review

SireCharlieMacFly is a hip hop emcee who dabbles heavily in the soul of R&B. Starting out is “Gas I’m On.” It’s not the most hype track to start out with. It’s got this very relaxed feel to it, like a sensual rhyme fest. We find the life in “Tetris.” No games here, only a great track that still is chill, but you can groove to it. What listeners will like about it is the R&B influence in the musical components.

Lexxica – “Hearts Collide”


Lexxica – “Hearts Collide”  URL:  Inspired by artists like Demi Lovato and Ellie Goulding, Lexxica is a Los Angeles based singing and songwriting talent with one acclaimed EP under her belt and readying for the highly anticipated release of her second effort. The first single from that release, “Hearts Collide”, is a golden example of EDM music at its finest from an artist capable of exploring the entire spectrum of sounds in that particular genre. Since the release of

Ridin’ Low with El Cannon

El Cannon Review

Coming to you you straight out of Blackwood is El Cannon. “Gold” starts things off shining as you can hear his smooth take on delivery. In “Everyday” we continue to have the chilled way with words. He’s like a laid back Ice Cube as he demands attention with his words with a bit of attitude in his voice. We pick things up just a bit with ‘Ridin’ Low.” The beat has a bounce to it and here we get some

Get In Tune with Poppy P

Poppy P Review

We got a new emcee to introduce you to, Poppy P. The first track we’d like you to get to know is “Sex is Better…” It’s hip hop with a R&B twist. He doesn’t bust out a vocal performance like Drake would, but the music does allow this one to flow with more soul. From an original to a tribute to the late, great BB King, Poppy P showcases his versatility. Even when he’s got his boy Jay Marq by

Deuces with G37boyz

G37boyz Review

G37boyz has a double dose for you today. First up, “Look at Them Haters.” This one comes out of the gate with a quick bounce and then gets raw with it. It transforms into this abrupt, in your face track. Its partner in crime is one that keeps that vibe alive and well. Out of the two, it’s the second one “Monsta” that could lead the pair to the top of the game. If you like that Atlanta style hip

Hip Hop on Ice with Clifton Dukes

Clifton Dukes Review

Born in Pennsylvania, Clifton Dukes started spitting rhymes as a career later on in San Antonio, Texas. Today he resides a ways away from there in Austin. No matter the place though, the talent remains the same. You can hear what he’s made of with just one track. Take “Black Butterfly” for example. You can tell he takes his time to construct not only the lyrics at hand, but the beat to make for a well composed package. He takes

Throwback Ways with GoHard Nard

GoHard Nard Review

Right away we have a good time on our hands with GoHard Nard’s “Right Now.” It has a great amount of energy and is reminiscent of what Nelly and his crew would do back in the early 00’s. We slow down the pace with “Everything I Love.” This one has a unique sound that flows more like a conversation rather than a track. It’s the hook that really makes it stick though. We’re taken back with “Boyz In The Hood”

Miami Gets Hotter with Fly

Fly Review

Coming to you from Miami we have Fly. First up we have “O.M.A,” a track that sets the tone for what’s to come. He’s stern and bringing you a hard take on hip hop. With “Make It Rain” you hear more of that attitude driven delivery but with a lighter feel thanks to the “stripper on the pole” element. When it comes to Miami, you have an array of sounds that can come through. It’s hot and heavy when it

Don’t Forget Ozy Reigns

Ozy Reigns Review

Ozy Reigns takes an alternative route to hip hop. More on the page of acts like Common, this LA rapper brings something new to the table with his latest, “Remember Me.” Sounding like something from the 70’s thanks to the music that accompanies the rhymes, it’s a great track to sit down and chill with. Before this track, we got a trio from him in February this year. From those three, “4U&I” comes in nice and slow from the start

Racc Chassir’s 2WIN

Racc Chassir Review

Racc Chassir is an independent company out in Minnesota that handles everything hip hop and R&B. Today we’re taking you inside what they’re working with and telling you why you should check out their artist 2WIN. First up, “The Struggle” comes through and tells a story most of us can attach ourselves to as it tells the reality of a struggle and not the first world problems people have today. Then we get into “Crazy” from 2WIN featuring P3. A

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