Christine Saadé – Get Together (Ft. Twisted Dee)


Christine Saadé – Get Together  (Ft. Twisted Dee) FACEBOOK:  Canadian born musician, vocalist and songwriter Christine Saadé has recorded and released a series of well-received singles illustrating her audaciousness and vitality in the electronic dance music scene. Her newest single “Get Together”, a cut from the forthcoming EP release HYSC? EP 1, ups the stylistic ante quite a bit. She delivers a dance pop anthem for the masses that doesn’t cut corners but, instead, gives listeners a pyrotechnic and

Kelly McGrath – You and Me Today


Kelly McGrath – You and Me Today  FACEBOOK:  Kelly McGrath is a Nashville based songwriter whose talents defy easy categorization. Many listeners and merchants will label her as a member of the Americana genre, but her latest single demonstrates a singer, lyricist, and songwriter whose range is much wider than a narrow genre classification. There are similarities. There is no doubt of that. However, McGrath’s material has a much more personal slant than the genre’s usual assortment of pastoral

Souleye drops new single – Follow Your Heart


Souleye – Follow Your Heart  INSTAGRAM:  Southern California based hip-hop songwriter and performer Souleye has established himself as one of the brightest stars in his genre in a way few other artists ever dare approach. His newest single “Follow Your Heart” carries on the work he’s done with eight studio albums and numerous other works in promoting a different version of rap and hip hop that places an approachable sound and intelligent, positive lyrical content above the genre’s usual

Project TO – The White Side, The Black Side


Project TO – The White Side, The Black Side  MI2N: As conceptual efforts go, the debut release from Project-TO surely rates as one of the more all-encompassing examples of the form released in the last quarter century. The White Side, The Black Side is a twelve song opus with a grad over-arching design. The first six songs are intended to reflect the album’s “white” side and rely on the big beats and airy flair common to most techno and

Bunny Sigler – White Christmas


Bunny Sigler – White Christmas URL: Since his 1960’s debut, Bunny Sigler’s voice has been featured on an assortment of recordings, solo and otherwise, that stand today as classics of the R&B/soul genre. The Philadelphia native, nicknamed “Mr. Emotion” by admiring fans, exerts an influence that has extended deep into the 21st century long after many of his contemporaries have either died or disappeared into obscurity. His songwriting has been included on recent releases from Jay-Z while he’s continued

Sterling Witt – Satyagraha


Sterling Witt – Satyagraha URL: Sterling Witt’s already strong reputation as one of the most engaging guitar playing songwriters working today will likely only be further burnished by his latest full length release Satyagraha. This thirteen song opus, recorded and mixed by famed producer Steve Albini, bristles with an intelligent, questioning spirit that never simply accepts reality as it is given to him, but it also rampages and struts with undeniable rock and roll grit. Witt takes the album title

Kathy Muir – Second Life


Kathy Muir – Second Life  URL:  It is refreshing to hear an album so committed to presenting fully rounded material. Kathy Muir’s third album Second Life doesn’t just succeed on a musical level, but it scores big on a lyrical level as well. Muir’s lyrics are full of plain-spoken poetry and exquisite imagery in equal measure and never aspire to any sort of pseudo-poetic incomprehensibility. The musical qualities are abundant. Melodies abound and the instrumentation is beautifully tasteful without

Angie and the Deserters – You


Angie and the Deserters – You  URL:  Angie and the Deserters’ third recording, a six song EP titled You, is a slight shift in gears from her previous release Blood Like Wine. There are no real barnburners in this release comparable to Blood Like Wine’s bruiser “Country Radio” and, instead, Angie Bruyere and her fellow musicians sound like an artistic unit intent on exploring a wider emotional array than before. The same clarity defining the production on her earlier

Juliet Huns – Behind the Scenes


Juliet Huns – Behind the Scenes  URL:  The EP Behind the Scenes, the first release from Kenyan born and now Los Angeles based singer Juliet Huns, is an impressive introduction to a artistic figure poised to garner considerable attention. The three songs included are definitely pop tracks, but they aren’t your typical offerings. There’s an evolved sensibility here that’s certainly a cut or more above what the mainstream gatekeepers prefer. Huns simply isn’t pigeonholed easily. Describing her songs and

Jokatech – Standing Still Symphony


Jokatech – Standing Still Symphony URL: The latest two songs from indie composer and New York City native Jokatech are further entries in a successful artistic career. While Jokatech may not enjoy the same marquee notoriety experienced by more commercial performers, there’s little question after listening to his music that this is a songwriter and performer of rare distinction. His lyrical constructions are full of fire, intelligence, sarcastic humor, and the preening self-confidence while he shows the phrasing of

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