Stevie Pre Greatest Hits


Stevie Pre Greatest Hits URL: These past few years over in the UK and across Europe the music scene has seen this humongous surge of djing. With bands producing some the wickedest sounds falling under labels such as Dark ambient, Drone music, Breakbeat, Acid breaks, Baltimore club, Berlin School, Dubtronica, Ethnic electronica, French house, Funky house, Dubstep, Brostep, Chillstep, Acousmatic music, Musique concrète, Tribal house to only name a few, there seems to be an endless market of creativity

Jokatech – Standing Still Symphony


Jokatech – Standing Still Symphony  URL:  The latest two songs from indie hip hop songwriter and New York City native Jokatech are further entries in a successful artistic career. While Jokatech may not enjoy the same marquee notoriety experienced by more commercial performers, there’s little question after listening to his music that this is a songwriter and performer of rare distinction. His lyrical constructions are full of fire, intelligence, sarcastic humor, and the preening self-confidence while he shows the

The Retakes – Trash (EP)


The Retakes – Trash (EP) FACEBOOK: Imagine if you will. A time. A place. A moment. A transcending space where The Pixies and Lou Reed along with Nico had a cataclysmic orgy and in the final spent climatic escapade a dying star that ejected itself from that climax soared across the milk way. It was along its projection that it spawned before its light extinguished. In that sanctimonious point in time a genesis of rebirth screamed in pain and

Thomas Charlie Pedersen – Second Hand War


Thomas Charlie Pedersen – Second Hand War  FACEBOOK:  Thomas Charlie Pedersen, on his first solo album Second Hand War, cannot be accused of attempting to remake the wheel. Instead, he relies on traditional folk music forms and a solid approach in the singer/songwriter vein to convey his deeply reflective, witheringly honest, and unflinching lyrical narratives. Much of his lyrical point of view is first person, but don’t let that suggest this is solely some exercise in self-pity or self-punishment.

Kim Vogels – Native


Kim Vogels – Native URL: Being brought up surrounded by so many different cultures, Kim Vogels was drawn to the power and energy of the original sound of those worlds i.e. Flamenco, Klezmer, Celtic, early Persian, Gypsy, Native American, Folk & Blues etc. Even though these musical styles are all quite different from each other, they hold a similarity in their powerful connection to their culture. “Native” is the EP which also includes a promo video for the track

Porcelain People – Streetlights


Porcelain People – Streetlights  FACEBOOK:  First releases, in any genre, are seldom this good. Porcelain People are a duo compromised of Josh Thornhill and Fred Kalil. They hail from southern Louisiana and are serving up a particular brand of electro pop quite a bit unlike anything offered by their peers. Thornhill’s profoundly melodic and flexible voice matches up well with Kalil’s expansive and varied electronic textures. Piano, synthesizer, and keyboards are recorded with equal clarity and blended in quite

Bob Lien – Color of Sky


Bob Lien – Color of Sky  URL:  Color of Sky is very much in the Americana tradition, but it reaches ambitiously beyond that for a synthesis of dreamy folk music coupled with vibrant string arrangements. The collision of styles creates truly imaginative musical fireworks but there isn’t a single component in any track keyed to overwhelm listeners. This tastefulness extending over the course of Color of Sky’s ten songs never wavers and is part and parcel of high level

Jupiter in Velvet – The One in the Many


Jupiter in Velvet – The One in the Many  URL:  Iconoclasts stand out. In our world of cookie cutter pop stars with the shelf life of vegetable, the performer/songwriter who writes vibrant material referencing influences while still blazing its own path is increasingly a rarity. American born and UK based Jupiter in Velvet culls from a handful of influences to fashion a distinctive and varied musical attack with an unwavering melodic base. His guitar pyrotechnics seem inexhaustible – they

Cody Webb – Self-Titled


Cody Webb – Self-Titled URL: There’s a major push behind one of Nashville’s latest bright talents, Cody Webb, and every bit of the hype is deserved. His self-titled six song debut EP is a vibrant and style-spanning collection with instrumental prowess to spare and an inspired attitude that cuts across genre with confidence and skill. Webb’s country leanings are peppered a great deal by rock and pop influences, but melody remains the critical element driving these songs. His capacity

Angie and the Deserters – Blood Like Wine


Angie and the Deserters – Blood Like Wine  URL:  This is rough and ready music for passionate people. Angie and the Deserters won’t let you set on the fence – they win listeners over with a rare combination of intelligence, torrid emotion, and outright musical virtuosity. The songwriting on their latest release, Blood Like Wine, is smart without ever flying over the head of its intended audience, but it also does an excellent job of capturing the intensity of

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